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Supported over 10 SMEs

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Mechanical design & prototype

The Global Industrial Control and Automation

The market size is projected to reach USD 430

billion by 2030 at CAGR of 8.2%. Automation.


Provide SME technology edge experiences

99.9% of businesses in the U.S. are small

businesses. 33.2M Small businesses in the

U.S. 61.6M Americans are employed by a

small business.

User -centric

Promote user-centric innovation

Consumers aka customers are the key for

success. Our innovation focuses on the

happiness of users.

Empowering humanity to become self-leaders

Step-by-Step Adaptive Solutions

Based on customer’s need and pace, iii offers strategic planning to use technology to grow your SMEs.

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Your Business Growth is our Success

Traction and revenues speak for performance. Customer’s growth is the indicator for customer satisfaction.

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FxCTO with Business & Market Approach

iii understands what matter most to customer at each stage to set focus.

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R&D Product Development Boost

iii team provides experiences and expertise with research and innovative solutions to define your product edge.

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Assure confidence among investors and customers

iii inclusive on your team provides consumers and investor confidence.

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Corporate Style & Training

Business operation worry-free by providing guidelines for your team to lead the rest, along with derived organizational work ethics.

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